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Telling stories through exquisite interiors

At Amalia Boier, we have a compelling need to experience the world, humanity and nature, and then express our interpretations in unique and captivating ways. This spirit inspires our distinctive, artistic and bespoke approach to interior design, which resonates profoundly with the craft of poetry.

Nicoll Townhouse by Luxury Interior Designer Amalia Boier

Channelling the principles of poetry

We express the intangible, conjuring memories, passions and personal moments. We evoke intense emotion through refined curation, unexpected details and rich layers. We create harmonious rhythm, making spaces that flow naturally and nourish the soul. We articulate with economy, building strength from purity and authenticity.

Areas of expertise

  • Residential

    We craft timeless and alluring homes for discerning clients around the world, homes that are entirely tailored to personal vision, lifestyle requirements and cultural context. 

  • Developments

    We collaborate closely with property developers to deliver exquisite and thoughtfully designed show homes that maximise value and achieve full potential for prospective buyers. 

  • Hospitality

    We curate distinctive and luxuriously made interior identities that stand out from the competition while upholding brand integrity and delivering engaging guest experiences. 


We welcome all interest in our atelier and are happy to provide further information about our services or discuss potential collaborations. Just get in touch.