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5th January 2024

Let’s talk bold statement pieces

Design expert tips — 4 min read

The pièce de résistance in an interior design scheme is a bold, statement piece.

It is considered key to a stylish home and de rigeur for elevating the décor. By bold, statement pieces, we mean elements that command attention from the moment you step into a space. They could be an impressive architectural feature, such as a dramatic curved staircase, or a bespoke wall panelling that adds incredible intricacy and injects drama.

As well as exquisite architectural statement elements, an alternative is to create a focal point by introducing more portable elements, such as standout pieces of furniture and accessories. Bespoke and unique furniture that has been designed completely from scratch to fit a space is an excellent way to inject a statement piece. The proportion and size matters and, in general, large yet thoughtfully designed furniture suits a space better, making it more effortless than a collection of smaller items. Select pieces that are sculptural and eyecatching, such as an antique ornate sideboard buffet or a contemporary and ultra-comfy sofa. Exquisite paintings, sculptures or art installations are important too for injecting drama into a scheme, with the added advantage that they are often a wise investment.

Showstopping pieces are quintessential in an interior because they bring personality and character, create visual impact, set the mood, elicit interest and can showcase craftmanship and innovation. We use them in our projects to bring artistic flair and innovation and make our interiors unique and defined. They are a means of showcasing the level of attention to detail given to the project and design scheme, elevating the whole picture.

The aesthetics of the statement piece is key, with its look and feel eliciting impact. High-end materials make a substantial difference. Natural materials such as marble, onyx, antique metals, durable woods and specialist finishes can be used in a strategic way to make a distinction in quality and aesthetics. Colour, pattern and shape too are crucial. Colour plays a major role in the way we feel about a space. It evokes emotion and atmosphere. Patterns create visual interest, personality and style. The shape defines it, zones the spaces, and adds natural flow (if used correctly), injecting interest and helping to achieve visual harmony. To enable a statement piece to stand out, it should have a suitable backdrop. A clean canvas allows the piece to pop and have maximum impact, with either neutral or monochromatic schemes or muted palettes showcasing them to their best effect.

Deciding where to position your statement element and how many you should incorporate requires careful consideration but ultimately depends on personal preference and the overall design goals. Featuring one in each room, for instance, would depend on the size and purpose of the space. The aim is to achieve harmony and individuality and this can be expressed through multiple different design elements, including the careful selection of bold statement pieces and entirely unique crafted features. 

The standout piece you select is very dependent on the style of interior. When it comes to modern interiors, less is definitely more. Scale is an important factor in achieving an impact in such spaces and pieces should be sleek or striking. Contemporary art installations are perfect as a focal point.

For a more traditional interior, bold statement pieces with classic elegance and timeless appeal that exude sophistication and charm are key. Excellent choices would be a grand antique dining table or chest of drawers, a richly detailed chandelier, or, alternatively, a regal, oversized mirror.

Dramatic lighting is an established way of bringing impact to a room and drawing the eye up to the ceiling. Pendant lighting is one of the most popular options for creating a focal point. The type of pendant, the room’s size and function, and the overall design style should guide the selection. High-ceilinged rooms offer an excellent canvas for dramatic pendant lighting, while smaller rooms benefit from appropriately sized fixtures that enhance the space without overpowering it.

In a modern scheme, architectural lighting, clean-lined decorative lighting and semi-flushed fixtures can be used to introduce impact, while in a period scheme, the emphasis should be on majestic pieces and intricate and large custom lighting. 

Statement artwork can work well in a variety of rooms. In a sizable space, larger or multiple artworks are best, while in more petite spaces, smaller or medium-sized pieces are usually the best solution. Choose contemporary or abstract pieces for a modern design scheme, and classic or vintage works for a more traditional scheme. Good lighting, placement at eye level, and personal connection to the artwork are essential factors in selecting and hanging statement artwork. Don’t forget to take into account the colour palette of the room. We sometimes choose the artwork first and then work with the scheme palette within the interior; at other times, careful attention is paid to the subtle tones and dominant colours, which are worked around to achieve balance and harmony.

An impressive mirror can also be a standout feature. Choose one with a distinctive finish, such as a patinated or verre églomisé design, or perhaps a unique antique find. Mirrors with a distinctive frame, shape, or size should be positioned strategically in areas that reflect light or create visual interest, such as above a fireplace, in a hallway, or as a focal point on a feature wall.

It is important to consider all the surfaces in a room when selecting a centrepiece. Utilising the wall to make a statement is an intrinsic decision because it is at eye level. Excellent choices include bespoke joinery panels or feature exquisite wallpaper inserts, perhaps hand painted or hand embroidered silks. There is also the option of specialist finishes such as textured polished plaster or mirrored eglomise wall integrated in a fitted frame. Underfoot, meanwhile, should not be overlooked. Statement flooring can be created with intricate hardwood inlays, unique bespoke pieces, or dramatic floor tile arrangements. Large-scale patterns work well in generously sized, modern rooms, while small-scale patterns suit more compact, period-inspired spaces.

When choosing furniture, the key is to select pieces made from high-quality materials, and beautifully crafted pieces designed completely from scratch, with the size, shape and detail carefully considered and perhaps featuring an abstract embroidered detail or a thin metal trim surrounding some of the upholstery. A headboard is the perfect way to introduce a focal point in a bedroom, especially if it is oversized or wide. Floor-to -ceiling headboards, for example, make a true statement. They help a bedroom feel bigger, introduce cosiness and can be upholstered with sumptuous fabrics and specialist finishes, such as a specialist veneer or metal trim, for the right balance of individuality and quality.

The quintessential ingredient in a bathroom is a undoubtedly a statement bath. Consider a design with a unique finish – perhaps a feature such as a striking freestanding marble bathtub. Another solution is to create a focal point with a large double shower or a double vanity space with bespoke hardware. All are guaranteed to provide eyecatching moments.

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