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2nd October 2023

The Benefits of Turnkey Interiors

Home improvement, Interior design — 3 min read

While the aesthetics of an interior is integral to any design, another element that has become increasingly important is the focus on efficiency and practicality, and therefore turnkey interiors have evolved to cater for this demand. This all-in-one approach has growing appeal. A turnkey interior offers several distinctive services combined together by a single provider, who manages every aspect of the project, ensuring the delivery of a complete and hassle-free look. It is a practice that offers convenience, timesaving and cost efficiency. Moreover, professional expertise is involved, which makes turnkeys an attractive option for those looking to design and furnish a space without the hassle of managing each aspect separately.

Both property developers and private clients can make excellent use of the turnkey service. Property developers utilise such projects to enhance the appeal of their properties when selling. This allows potential buyers to view a beautifully furnished interior, making the property more desirable, and adding substantial value. For private clients, it is a convenient option for those who wish to update their interiors without the hassle of managing the project themselves, but who also desire to personalise and improve the interior based on their specific requirements and lifestyle choices. When we become involved in turnkey interiors, whether it is with a property developer or a private client, our aim is to significantly increase the perceived value of the property and make it more appealing to its users and prospective buyers.

The inherent advantages of turnkey projects is that they offer cost predictability and management, sometimes a much quicker completion, and simplified communication through a single point of contact. For clients, it offers cost certainty with fixed project expenses and reduces the risk of unexpected budget overruns. Design management becomes more straightforward, and turnkey designs often lead to faster project completion, allowing clients to see returns on their investment sooner. Meanwhile, stakeholders benefit from increased efficiency in project execution, enhanced quality assurance, clear accountability, and transparent communication – all of which contribute to more successful and streamlined project outcomes.

“Our aim is to significantly increase the perceived value of the property and make it more appealing to its users and prospective buyers’.”

Turnkey interiors undoubtedly have a positive effect on the quality of the project. Specialised expertise and professional knowledge from the interior design industry and construction are provided, ensuring the project benefits from best practices. The project integration can be much more seamless, resulting in a cohesive and well-executed interior. It reduces delays, keeps the project on budget, and guarantees high standards in materials and craftmanship. Having a key single point of contact ensures accountability and helps resolve issues promptly, maintaining project quality.

The client’s input to the project varies, depending on specific agreements and project requirements. We always listen to what the client wants, and the process begins with an initial get-to-know-you consultation to comprehend needs and preferences. Some clients wish to participate, while others would rather not be involved at all, and prefer that we take away the headache of dealing with so many processes and all the elements of construction and design. The client’s input is carefully considered during the design phases, and we always ask our clients to sign off design stages prior to procurement of any products or materials, and key decision points. In all our turnkey projects we assume responsibility for project management, subcontractor co-ordination, and construction design management, minimising our client’s day-to-day involvement and headaches. We provide excellent communication to ensure our clients are always informed about the project progress, and there is always a final inspection conducted to align the completed project with the client’s expectations, as defined within the contractual agreement.

Each turnkey project has its own specific requirements, so we don’t apply a standard approach, such as, for example, using an interior palette composed of neutrals, whites or greys. We take into consideration and provide bespoke solutions in our beautiful designs that correlate with the historical echoes of the building, market surrounds, geographical nuances and architectural languages. We ensure we also offer flexibility, allowing prospective buyers to personalise the space, including the option to replace or rearrange furniture to suit their tastes, which can enhance the property’s marketability by catering to individual preferences and lifestyles.’

When it comes to procurement, our studio co-ordinates the procurement of all furniture, accessories and artworks in-house, working closely with our trusted network of suppliers and artisan makers. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to achieve the most competitive prices. We also manoeuvre all contract administration and co-ordination between parties and keep clients up to date with costs and progress. We conduct checks and workshop visits to inspect quality and carefully manage every decision. Our aim is to deliver a beautifully crafted project that is also cost effective and brings added value.

A successful turnkey interior project relies on collaborative client engagement, functional and aesthetic design, quality of materials, efficient project management, exquisite attention to detail, flexibility and bespoke approach, transparent communication, and post-completion support to create an alluring, well-executed space that meets both client and market expectations.

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